FAMA Farming Project

Pygmy Families Plant and Harvest First Crop and Share Food

Early in 2016, after years of negotiating with local governments for land, FAMA launched a pilot farming project among the Pygmies of Muyinga. During the initial farming season, the longstanding 87 FAMA families worked together to clear the land and plant beans. At the end of the season, they successfully harvested approximately 830 kilograms of beans. That is 1,826 pounds!

Partner "Children in Crisis" Sponsors Farming

FAMA now partners with British organization Children in Crisis in this farming project.

Pygmies and other impoverished residents of the Muyinga community are becoming more autonomous. They will be growing their own food rather than simply receiving handouts!

Micro Enterprise

FAMA, in partnership with CIC, is about to launch a new project of micro-enterprise with the 150 families. Working in groups of 25 families, Pygmies and other impoverished families will be trained to raise goats and rabbits as well as to repair shoes. As a integral part of the project, the families will be trained to save a portion of their revenue. The goal is that all families will become completely self-sufficient in the future.